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Type of houses is adjusting, with more Australians moving away from the conventional house.

What is a townhouse?

It is a multi-level structure designed to imitate a conventional house that a strata title owns. Which means you own the dwelling but share the land with other people.

Normally, the townhouses have privacy and scape of a normal house, so your family would be able to have enough space to move around, not only that, regularly come with an outdoor yard. Not only that, townhouses are bigger than an apartment, you can find often with two or even three-storeys townhouses.

Although, the body corporate still and, thus, has restrictions like an apartment.

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More affordable buying a townhouse in better locations, like close to the city/beach than buying a conventional house.


Of course, you still need to bound by regulations, but it has a tendency to be more easygoing than apartments.


Townhouses do not have any share spaces, that means the design is very similar to a conventional house.

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